HELLO.....HELLO SOMEBODY?????? ...help...

One of my great friends, Sammy Nuckolls, is apart of a non-profit organization called Hello Somebody. They sell these AWESOME watches. Every watch you buy feeds 100, I repeat ONE HUNDRED, orphans!!

I have the purple and absolutely love it! They are 22 bucks and you can feed 100 kids! How incredible is that?

Here's a little more info:


Hello Somebody is a non profit brand that exists to bring positive world-wide change through the love, passion and creativity of common people. Initially, the goal of HS is to provide food for 1 million starving people in a calendar year.

Our goals also include drilling water wells for those who are prone to water born disease, launching rescue efforts to young people trapped in human slavery and to bring hope through the kindness and action of young passionate people. In our first attempt at ending hunger, we were able to provide 50,000 meals to homeless and desperate Haitians.

This has provided a platform to feed the masses world-wide. If you will join us in our fight, together we could save lives and positively impact this amazing world. The call of the hopeless and hungry is out there. Will you help us answer it? Hello Somebody… Are you out there?

Not only do they have watches but these super cute necklaces and t-shirts:

You should seriously go order one! Here's the website: www.hello-somebdy.com

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