Last night, my sweet husband was ordained with three of his best friends and fellow pastors of our church plant, Revision. It was such a sweet time full of prayers from other ordained men for our husbands, our marriage, ministry, and family. Here are the boys being prayed over.
(my man to the left, Job in the middle, Garrett on the Right)




The boys with George, our pastor (he ordained them)

The first 8:) This is all the pastors and their wives. Ben & Audrey on the left (Revision Pastor & My sister), Josh(worship leader) & I, Brittany (Reid still baking) & Job (teaching/small group pastor), & Garrett (Children/Youth Pastor) & his wife Anna.
I can't wait to look back at this photo MANY years from now & see how much God has moved. I know He is going to do great things through Revision because we strive to just bring Him glory & make His name known. I love these people to death & I can't wait to grow closer to them in the coming years. Every single one of them has a strong love for the Lord & desire to live him as we are called too. Lord may it never be about us...

Blurry but :)

So we left & decided to swing through KFC so my man could get home to watch the first Grizzly game of the season. We have been sitting in the car at this point for about 15 minutes waiting on food in the drive through... But he still got home to see the last half of the game. I wont say how they did out of respect for him...:(

I'm so proud of you Joshua;) & I will always be here in full support

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