So last week I WON a giveaway from The Nashville Nosher!
She was giving away healthy peanut better...... YEAH, I. Said. HEALTHY!
I heart peanut butter but I hardly ever eat it because of all the fat & calories:( Well....
not any more thanks to Nashville Nosher!

I know right, seems to good to be true.. well it's totally not.
Better'n Peanut Butter has:
85% less fat
40% Less calories
No Cholesterol
No preservatives
No refined Sugars
Natural Soy Lecithin
& Non GMO Peanuts
(gluten free)
Also comes in Low Sodium or Chocolate flavor!!!

It has 100 calories per serving (2tbsp)!! I was seriously in heaven this morning when I ate it with my apple. Not one bit of guilt for eating peanut butter & I was SUPER full afterwords! So like any other giddy overly excited peanut butter lover, I went and checked out the website:


The website has several recipes using better'n peanut butter. I will definitely be trying some of them out in the near future! I realized after shoving it my mouth this morning that I was going to need more than one jar.. I mean it may last me a week.... Well thanks to their website, I can buy it online or Super Target carries it!!!

Thanks again Nashville Nosher!!

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The Nashville Nosher said...

sweet! So glad you got it and that you like it! my personal fav is in oatmeal, or on top of choc. ice cream (breyers fat free isn't bad!)