Today is my 1ooth consecutive day of working out! I seriously am astonished that I have been able to conquer this goal. I realize that it was not just me. The Lord has allowed me to accomplish this goal & I have learned alot more during this challenge, more than I thought I would. Some of the things are very personal (but have nothing to do with being healthy) & others have made me realize that I have the ability to be disciplined in any area I want. I hope to take this and apply it to my relationship with the Lord. I want to have 100 consecutive days of spending time with the Lord or memorizing scripture because in the long run my health is not eternal, it is an earthly temporary thing. However, my relationship with the Lord and what I do in this life to impact for His kingdom is eternal. I'm so thankful for a God who is real and seeks a relationship with me.

I don't post this to brag but hopefully to help inspire others! It is total doable to be healthy and eat healthy!

Merry Being Healthy Everyone! Im off to eating a celebratory cupcake & watch Biggest Loser:)


Jenn said...

That is absolutely AWESOME!!! I don't even know you and am TOTALLY proud!!! :) :)

Jessica Kenney said...

Thats awesome!! I am on day 4! Hope to do 100! We'll see, you inspire me!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

LOVE your perspective! Great post!