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When Katie asked me to write a little something about health for her Healthy Party, I was beyond excited about being a part because health is everything! I Studied Nutrition and Dietetics in college and then studied to become a Nutrition Counselor and my love for health didn’t stop there. I strive to feed my family healthy foods that still taste yummy. I am a Jesus follower and He says that your body is His temple if you follow Him. I believe that being a temple for Him most certainly has to do with the food you do or you don’t put in your mouth! I believe you can make good choices anywhere you go and that everything is ok in moderation!!

So enough about me; Let’s talk about HEALTH! When thinking on what to write for you all, I decided why not tackle the one of the biggest obstacles most people experience in their venture to try a healthier lifestyle: Eating Out! So, here are some of my suggestions when eating out healthily.

8 Tips For a Healthier Eating Out Experience:

1) Choose your meal ahead of time and figure out the nutrition information. If the restaurants info isn’t online simply call the restaurant and ask them. Most places will gladly do their best to supply you with the info you need.

2)Order your meal from the appetizer section. Most appetizers are the portion that a meal is supposed to be anyway.

3) Drink LOTS of water. This will ensure you are eating because you are hungry and not thirsty and will give you the desired “full” feeling.

4) Mini meals are a must. If you are planning on eating out and consuming more calories than you usually would, plan the rest of your day accordingly.

5) Eat a 50-100 calories snack before you go to the restaurant so that you aren’t famished and can eat with self control.

6) Pick the right kinds of meat. Ask for skinless chicken whenever possible or remove the skin yourself. If you do treat yourself to fried chicken, choose white meat as it has fewer calories than dark. Allow yourself red meat in moderation -- just be sure to choose leaner cuts of meat like loin or flank.

7) Modify the menu. Anything can be batter-dipped and fried or cooked in butter. Many restaurants will take your dietary needs into account so you'll be a happy customer and return. Don't hesitate to request anything on the menu to be prepared in a more healthful manner.

8) Beware these high-fat choice words: Cream sauce, butter, oil, au gratin, breaded, alfredo, battered or batter-dipped, "with gravy," or smothered. These little "extras" aren't worth the extra calories.

Hope some of these tips come to mind the next time you are eating out. I would love for you to visit my blog at www.ashleyfisherslife.blogspot.com and I’m on Twitter as ashleyeafisher. I am also always looking for new clients to Nutrition Counsel. (It can all be done over the phone, and through e-mail.) If you are interested you can contact me at ashley.e.a.fisher@gmail.com.
Thanks ya’ll and have a wonderful day!

I hope you all visit Ashley's blog! Her family is absolutely precious and I often find encouragement in her posts. I highly recommend her for Nutrition Counsel! It would be a great way to get some counseling and ask questions about health especially because she is a REAL mom who faces the same "what do I fix for dinner that won't clog our arteries" problems! HA! If you're serious about getting healthier, losing weight, & learning about a healthier lifestyle, contact Ashley!!

Thanks Ashley! Great post!!!!

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