I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years. This past friday my sister threw a Halloween party with a do it yourself costume rule! Josh and I debated FOREVER over what to be. He was so persistent about being Paul Bunyan. However, I wanted to do something as a couple.... Needless to say, I caved. I love my husband and knew how badly he wanted to be a lumberjack, so I was his "babe" (paul bunyans blue ox). Yeah, Im a great wife, I know:)

I made entire costume the night before and spend ZERO dollars.

The yummy "Mummies" (pigs in a blanket) that I made:

My sister is hilarious. Her and her husband had the same problem of not knowing what to be. Her husband dressed as a Lenny's work & She was a "Club Sandwich". HILARIOUS!

The brewers may have won the contest. Mr. Anchorman & Veronica Corningstone. Amazing Costume!

My sister's friend was visiting from Australia. This was his first Halloween:

Blonde katie..... Not sure about this:

Saturday morning, Revision Church passed out candy and flyers in downtown OB at the annual Trick or Treat in Old Towne. We passed out hundreds of pieces of candy & met some great people.

Jovie (my niece) & I at chick-fil-a before Old Towne:

Jovie & I passing out candy:

The best costume EVER: a Germ:

It was such a fun Halloween. We didnt do anything Halloween night because we had church but it was still a marvelous Halloween!

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