Days I've worked out this week: 7!
Minutes per day I worked out: 30 minutes
Health find/tip of the week: nothing new this week:(
Health question of the week: I love my workout cd's (30 min shred & yoga) but I'm ready to add something else into the mix... zumba, kick boxing... What is your favorite workout dvd or style?
Pounds lost this week/so far: GOAL:)

This has been my second busiest weekend in a while! We had a date night Friday night & family pictures yesterday. I have a shower today and then church tonight! A tip on date nights: Pick somewhere healthy or where you know you can get a healthy entree. Beware salads!! They are often super high in calories & can easily trick you! Josh and I went to a local restaurant called Humdingers. It's a chicken & fish only type of place! I had grilled shrimp, sweet potato fries & grilled zucchini (total of about 540 calories)!!!! It's my favorite place because it is DELISH and almost all entrees healthy!!

So I've been thinking about Hello Health parties.... I really believe they would be great for woman and accountability. However, I think maybe it will work best if it is not every single week. Im thinking about doing it twice a month. Gives more time to see results before posting... what do you guys think? There just isn't as much participation as I hoped... which is fine! This is for whoever wants/needs it! I'm not looking for numbers, I just want to help woman (and men) to concur their health! Let me know what you fellow partiers think...

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Margaret said...

Great idea..I think every two weeks would be great. It helps with accountability and always can use tips!