Our last family photos were done years ago (way before my sister and I were married and my other sister had kiddos). It was definitely time to update! My sister surprised my entire family with family pictures for Christmas. Her wedding photographer did such a fabulous job that she wanted him to take our family pics and boy were we EXCITED!!! Adam & Allison Hudson (of Adam Hudson Photography) are absolutely wonderful:) They are such talented photogs, Godly people, and use their business to glorify the Lord. They are selfless and even drove up here just to take our pictures:) We spent almost an entire Saturday with them & it was just like they were apart of the family.

So here is a few of the pictures:

I love this one of me and my man:)

Love this one too!!

My brothers have the best personalities:) They are triplets and its so sweet how much they love each other. The are super funny & they always make fun of boy bands. The shot above is them doing their signature boy band pose:)

a serious one. Seriously, my brothers are so handsome:) I love my boys!

My other adorable brothers. They are twins and 9 years old. They are the sweetest. Did I mention they are super adorable?

My sister, Lindsay, and her hubby Ryan!

My sister Audrey, her hubby Ben, and their two kids Jack and Jovie!

The other man in my life- Jack!!

My model baby, Jovie. She is beautiful.

My absolutely adorable parents. This is the best picture ever taken of them. It perfectly catches their love. 25+ years of marriage & going strong. They are such an encouragement.

The girls of the family:)

The boys! They totally out number us, for now!

They whole gang. I seriously love my family. I have no beef or negative feelings toward any of them. We are such a tight knit family and all so close. My siblings are my best friends. We hold family nights at least twice a month & Im so thankful for them. Best group of people on the planet. I PRAY the lord blesses my with children that have as great of relationships with their siblings as I do with mine!

I love the silly ones, really catches our goofiness;)

Another funny one!

I LOVE LOVE LOVE this picture of us all!

We had a bonfire at my mother-in-laws place! It was so fun & if you know my family it was absolutely perfect. Our house and car (on separate occasions) burnt down. The Lord used both fire instances to bring us as close as we are today.

This shot turned out great, maybe a little cheesy but I love it!

My sweet Jack. I literally love this kid as if he was my own. I'd do anything for him (& Jovie too!).

We got a shot with my MIL. I loved how it turned out. Im so thankful that she is apart of our family too! The Lord totally blessed me with such an awesome MIL. She's my second mom:)

If I haven't mentioned it enough already... I LOOOVVVEEEDDD how these turned out! So thankful to www.adamhudsonphoto.com!! Go check them out!


Ben and Audrey said...

Adam Hudson rocks my world! best photog ever!!! i love the pictures!

Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Brittany said...

the pics turned out so good!

Brooke said...

awesome pics!!!

Ashley Fisher :) said...

LOVE these pics!!! You and your fam are gorgeous!!!