I know I'm a bit late with this post but I'm thankful everyday, so what's a few days late? This was a wonderful Thanksgiving (aside from me being sick the whole time). My family is the absolute best and we always do a Thanksgiving dinner instead of lunch. Every year we have a Ginger Bread house competition and this year we did it after Thanksgiving dinner. We had an incredible time (dont worry, I'll post pics at the end)

This year has been incredible and I'm so thankful for all it has held. Josh and I moved into his mother's house (which has been great!) We went to Israel and the beach! I got a new niece back in January and our dream of church planting has become a reality! It has been a great year & I'm so incredibly blessed. I do not understand why the Lord blesses me so much when I'm so undeserving!

A few things I'm thankful for:

*My Savior. He has taught me so much this year. I have been battling with my Thyroid and he has used it to teach me so many things about Himself and grace & mercy. Thyroid doesn't seem like a big deal to most people but if it is something you struggle with, then you feel my pain. It is a constant sickness that comes and goes. Some days it doesn't bother me and other days it effects my whole day. The Lord has taught me to be thankful on the days that it does effect me bc it is just my thyroid. I'm not battling anything more serious or life threatening. I could go on forever about the things he has taught me and used the thyroid to show me about his glory. I'm just thankful for my Savior.

*My Josh. He has been a rock in my life. His grace, patience, understanding, support, and love impresses me daily. I've never met anyone so humble and caring in my life. He is so supportive on the days I don't feel good and does simple things for me like Laundry and cleaning. We have learned so much about each other this year and have grown closer through some various struggles and victories. Oddly enough, my thyroid has been one of the main components in bringing us closer. The Lord has used it to show me what a caring, selfless husband I have and how much he really cares and loves me. He works so hard to provide for me & does an amazing job at it by the way. I've never respected someone so much in my life. I wouldn't trade my man for anyone. So thankful the Lord has blessed me with him.

*My Family. I seriously can not express in words how thankful I am for them. My siblings are my best friends and I'm so thankful the Lord has grown them into Godly women and men who seek after him. They are the funniest people I know. I could hang out with them 24/7 and never get sick of seeing their faces. My sisters are Godly women who I strive to be like and admire. My baby brothers make me so proud to be their sister. They love the Lord and want to live for him. My parents are the best parents ever. Seriously. They are so loving and supportive of me and Josh. I love them for how Godly they are. Thank you lord for my parent & siblings

*My mother in law. She has been the best mother in law imaginable. She welcomed us into her home with open arms. She has been an absolute delight to live with. People ask me all the time how it's going being married and living with an in law and I gladly say AMAZING!!! She is so supportive of me and Josh and has made her home our home. I can't thank her enough for cooking us scrumptious meals and taking care of us. She has been a dream to live with and I'm so thankful for this opportunity to grow closer to her.

*Revision Church. I am so thankful for the staff and staff wives of Revision Church. Although we haven't launched yet, the Lord has already done great things. I can not wait to serve alongside these couples and see how the Lord furthers his kingdom through his church.

*I'm thankful for these two cuties:

I love being their Aunt & I'm thankful that my sister and her husband raise them in the ways of the Lord. They make me so excited to be a parent one day. I truly love them as if they were mine.

There are a million more things I am thankful for but it would be a really long post if I continued. Our thanksgiving was successful & our gingerbread houses were even more so! We all take this competition seriously and go all out. We are allowed to buy three extra things that aren't provided in the package.

We bought Fruity Pebbles, Waffle Cones & Trident gum: & Here's our creation:

My sister, Lindsay, and her husband, Ryan bought spaghetti, shredded wheat, and brown sugar: Santa's Beach House

My brothers used rice krispy treats, twizzlers, and Hershey cookie and cream bar: Castle

My sister and her husband won but we totally should have. Big thanks to the Hubby for stringing all those fruity pebbles!

I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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Ben and Audrey said...

super sweet post. its nice to read what everyone is thankful for this year.

you are a blessing & i love you so much. never a dull moment with you!

the houses were so great this year! you & kuby should have won. the lights were incredible!!! but, linny & ryan did do a great job with that spaghetti roof!

now, can't wait to celebrate Christmas!