I am FINALLY done with school! I've got all A's this semester & I passed a HUGE test, the Praxis. I am finally being able to relax and enjoy ZERO school work! Now that I've got some free time, I can finally pay my blog the attention it deserves! I'm way behind on posts so I'm combining them all into one! Hopefully, Ill have more time now that schools out for Christmas break:) First up, I was sick over thanksgiving break. I wanted to put up our Christmas tree so bad, but I couldn't (aka josh wouldn't let me) get out of the house. Sooooo... he surprised me with a tree!!

He is TOO sweet;)

My goodies he got me to make me feel better;)


Us & our tree<3

My fav ornament of ours

Honeymoon Card I turned into an Ornament

I have collected Loony Tunes since I was like 5.
Revision Church passed out hot chocolate at our towns local parade. We passed out over 200 cups of hot chocolate & met lots of new people! Successful and COLD day!
Josh and I:)

Glad the craziness calmed down for a few moments & enjoying the parade
Kelsey & I were FREEEZING:)

Old plane..

Santa on some weird drilling machine... not sure why..
One thing I love about Christmas is all the Christmas Dates Josh takes me on. Most of them are christmas movies cuddled up at home but for this one he surprised me:
DATE NIGHT @ Starry Nights. It's a christmas light show that a huge Memphis Park does every year!

The Entrance!

A HUGE several stories high dinosaur
The Starry Nights Stars

Manager Josh and I host a Christmas Party every year full of food, friends, Dirty Santa, and National Lampoons Christmas Vaca. We look forward to it every year & this year was a huge Success!

Josh and I waiting on our guests!

Lurve him:)

Mrs May & Me


Listening to our friend Job tell a story!
My sisters & Mrs. May


Love being out for school... best. feeling.ever!

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