I know I'm a bit late in posting this but we have just been non stop this Christmas break! We had an absolute awesome Christmas. We spend Christmas Eve with the K-family side. Eve afternoon we went over to Josh's dads. He spoils us in gift cards and sausage platters. He knows the key to our hearts;)

This year we decided to start a new tradition. Since Thanksgiving is so close and we already over indulge in that type of food, we decided to do something just a little bit different this year..... our menu you ask?? Fish Tacos and Coconut shrimp. It was down right incredible. Im not a fish lover but let me just tell you that these fish tacos kicked butt. Pioneer woman would have been so proud of me:) Don't worry. Ill post the recipe soon!

K Family:

What you can't see in this pic is that we all had to pull up our pants over our stuffed belly's. We all ate sinfully amounts of Fish Tacos.

The Mister and Me:

I love our tree:

& he loves me...

Told ya...

He loves me so much he will do cheesy hand/heart pictures for me:)

Christmas morning we woke up SUPER early and did Christmas with each other. We then headed off to my parents to watch my brothers open their gifts and exchange with my family! I'm not one to brag about all the things I got for Christmas, but I do have to share a couple of my FAVORITES:)

Oh yeah, Oh yeah.. He got me the Wii fit. I love this white board of workout:) Don't worry hun.. i wont share your Wii age... cough cough 31 cough cough

He loved his new shoes!

I can not wait to use these! All of the recipes are really low in calories!

Christmas with the Weavers:

All of our stockings.... ridiculous I know:

So excited:

Christmas Pic:
(Ramsey, if you read this... I so got inspiration for my outfit from your blog:) can you ship me some of your clothes)

The best I could do with a two year old:

Love these two:

He got so sleepy, climbed right up in my lap, and crashed:

Then he woke up to play santa:

and Jovie played in all the wrappings:

Doing his silly face:

We had a knock out Christmas. So incredibly thankful for my family & Husband. God has truly blessed me

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