Recapping the events of 2010:

1) Spent our first New Years as a married couple:)
2) Trip to the ER & had Kidney Stones:(
3) Moved into my MIL's house
4) Went to Israel
5) Turned 21
6)Took another trip to the ER & diagnosed with Low-Thyroid
7) Went to Panama City Beach
8) Trial.
9) Second Christmas as a K:)
10) Celebrating a struggling yet great year


1) Our church plant becoming a reality on January 9th! So excited to see what the Lord has in store for us
2) Starting my last semester as a college student
3) Graduating from College
4) Josh graduating with his masters
5) Our cruise in May: my sweet Hubby just surprised me with!!! Seriously so ready!
6) Growing closer and spending another year with my husband
7) Improving on my walk with the Lord. Josh and I are going to try to read the entire bible in 2011 & memorize one book of the bible. Im excited to see what the Lord shows each of us through it and how it brings us closer together
8) Im going to try to be more PRESENT. Not worrying about the past or future but striving to please the Lord TODAY
9) Be selfless and serve others more. I want to serve others.
10)..... Im going to leave this blank. I know the Lord has some great things in store for us this year... maybe this one will be buying a house, getting a big girl teaching job, becoming a mom (of a four legged furry baby.. not a real baby..yikes). I dont know what it will be or what 2011 holds for us exactly. But I choose to trust that the Lord is going to guide us through it and only have the best for us. No matter what happens in 2011, I'm going to choose to follow him and praise him all the way through it! He is my rock and my salvation!


Ramsey said...

Happy happy New Year!!!! Cheers to 2011 being the BEST year yet!!! And I'm sorta jealous of the cruise...just a little bit!

Carrie said...

Best wishes for a wonderful 2011! Your photos are so cute; wish I had your fashion sense, too. ;-)