So I redid my blog ....again. I hate how much I love change sometimes. My plates are plain brown so I can change colors of my kitchen whenever, my comforter is white so I can change the color of my pillows or walls, my clothes are mostly neutrals (although I did buy a brightly colorful flannel plaid shirt at Target the other day... a little retail therapy for taking my Praxis 2) So, of course, when I said that I redid my blog so that it could stay constant... I was lying. Flat out to your face lying. I'm sorry. Im working on this. Im going to try and force myself to keep this blog layout for atleast 2 months... but don't bet your life on it.... :)

I kept things more simple this time around. I really do like it. More me I think. Your probably wondering when Im going to talk about the giveaway... good grief. Hold your horses.. I'm getting there. Promise:)

I met Ramsey through blogger. She sent me a sweet email for encouragement and advice. We have never met. But alas, she found my blog and we've been cyber friends ever since. Kinda crazy how much we are alike. Who ever said the internet would ruin relationships lied. It makes them! She runs a super cute blog full of wonderful outfits and I get daily inspiration from her thrifty affordable wardrobe! I decided I wanted a little more practice in doing this whole blog background thing so I contacted Ramsey and did one for her for free... go check it out here!

So now about that giveaway I mentioned.... I'm going to do a FREE background and header for one of you lovely ladies (or gentlemen, Im not prejudice to male bloggers if you're out there). I have alot of friends and family I would love to do them for. However, time for it is short and I want to give all a fair chance. I am thinking of doing one a month... maybe two... guess you'll have to keep following....:)

Simple Rules of the Giveaway:

1. You must follow my blog
2. You must enter a post below of something you've made (crafty, recipe, anything)

That's it. Id love for you to post about the giveaway on your blog but you certainly don't have too!
Link it up! Good luck to you all:)

Ill announce the winner next weekend using random generator and contact them via email for instructions


Steve Finnell said...

you are invited to follow my blog

Anonymous said...

Yay! I'm the first linker-upper (?), and I'm a follower!

Ashley said...

Wow! Your blog as well as Ramsey's are very beautiful!! Good job!

just the two of us! said...

love you seester! i entered because i'd LOVE a cute background!

monster cakes said...

Hey! So glad I found your blog. It's always encouraging to meet other Christian bloggers. So I am now a follower, and I am tech-illiterate, so my blog is in dyer need of a new header! Here's my link to my DIY project I did recently with some fun gals:


♔Reyna♔ said...

Hi-great giveaway. Found you thru LOVE RAMSEY, I love what you did with her blog- so cute! btw: I entered, (i am #5) but I accidentally put the link to my blog bc I am not very good at entering apparently. Here is the actual link:

I hope I didn't just disqualify myself. :(
Can't wait to read more of your blog...

Ramsey said...

Just tagged ya for 7 things girlie!

Brittany said...

your backgrounds are too cute. keep up the work & you could get a little side business going for extra money!