In order to surprise your husband because he is so great you need to do the following steps. Note: if you deviate from the steps at all... you could reach failure.

Step One: You need to put on his favorite tv show and gather his most favorite snacks.

I gathered Milk, one chocolate covered cherry, a box of cheez-its, his bible.. & Community (tv show). I also put our pillows on the other end of the bed (he mentioned he wanted to do it one night just for fun and I remembered... bonus points ca-ching!)

Step Two: Take a picture of you being very excited to surprise your husband. It not only shows your cheesy side but also proves you love him if the surprise does not. trust me. he will think it's cute.

Step Three: Hide from him so you can see his real surprise face. Also take a picture of this step. Again, he will think it is cute... hopefully.

Step Four: wait FOREVER for your Husband to get out of the shower so you can surprise him. Test your camera lighting so you can be sure to get the absolute best expression on his face when he walks through the door. You will be so anxious and excited to his face!

Step 5: Delete the picture you took of your husband walking through the door. Getting out of the shower means just that.... he just got out of the shower. Clothes dont magically jump on your body afterwords. I seemed to have forgotten that. BUT, even though he will make you delete the picture, maybe you'll get lucky and he will let you smooch on him anyways.

Follow these steps and you will for sure have a great date night in!:)

P.s It has been snowing like crazy here. We usually never have this much snow this early in winter! and yes, husband is wearing short sleeves in the snow. He is a rebel. It's hot.


Kammy said...

Such a super cute post !
I think the pictures of you waiting are priceless :o)

Jessica Kenney said...

That cracked me up!!!! Great idea though.

Ramsey said...

This is hilarious...and so sweet! You guys are too precious!