I've been going on about these fish tacos I made on Christmas Eve for the K family. There were su-u-u-uppp-er delish. I would love to say I was a good girl and only ate one. But again, I'd be lying to your face and I've already done that enough in the post below. I ate two... but I also had Coconut shrimp... and broccoli casserole... and rolls... and a turtle pudding concoction my SIL made.... but it was the Holidays so it makes it right....right?. Anyways, I keep telling friends I'll post the recipe and I haven't.... So I'm finally doing.. here goes yummyness:

You probably thought I'd write the whole recipe out.... well.. I'm not. Surprise! I'm sending you to the link. Please go. Please make. and bask in its yummyness.

I followed it exactly & even made the pico de gallo and creamy chili sauce it mentions. make those too! You wont regret it! (I used Tilapia and I suggest using wheat flour tortillas to make it a little healthier)


make them. now. literally. go into your kitchen and cook them.

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Hubby, come home. I love that you love being our worship leader... but the sofa is cold without you.

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Brooke said...

I will have to try this! I always thought that 'fish tacos' sounded yuck, but then Ron & I tried them at On the Border. We were hooked:)
Also, thanks soooooooo much for the encouraging comment you left me. It meant a lot.