Meet my Husband: The BEST Husband:

My husband is FULL of surprises lately! Just this past Monday he announced he wants an iPhone. People.. this is epic if you know my husband. His main reason for not getting an iPhone in the past: he can't text as fast. Yes. Yes. I know. I will pretend I didn't write that either. So, you can imagine when he told me he was ready.. I laughed. The next day I get a text saying he ordered a 3GS for him... AND ME!!! I have the old 3G and my screen is cracked. My sweet husband knew I had to have a new if he did. Our total setback: 30 something bucks!! Thank you AT&T for doing something nice for a change a giving us upgrades!

So on top of my husband finally stepping into the 20th century phoneiverse, he also entered the blog world this week (for the second time or so). Let me repeat because I'm so proud... my husband made a blog post. He is rad.

Click on the picture above to read his post. He really does have the best music taste of anyone I've ever met. Probably because he has the best voice I've ever heard (that's how you get major brownie points people).

Click. Go. Read. www.revisionchurch.com

So proud of you Husband:)

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Anonymous said...

Gungor! I agree with your husband. They are my new fave! I bought their labum last week.