Yesterday our church plant launched! I can't even begin to express how amazingly excited we all were that it was actually taking place! He is so faithful. My sister, Audrey, wrote basically the whole process on her blog.

yes, we have disco balls:)

Josh and I;)

Josh and I have always known that we would do church planting. We originally thought that this meant moving off far away (perhaps CO or anywhere north), however, God quickly changed Josh's heart. I had gotten so used to the idea of moving off that it actually took me a while to adjust to spending most of the rest of our lives here. We never expected to begin church planting almost immediately in our marriage. Josh and I had planned for him to work on staff at an existing church first. HA, oh how we plan and God quickly reminds us we are not in control. Yet, he is always faithful

Josh and the band! They did awesome!!

When talks of Revision first came about I did not fully expect it to really happen, to be honest. I just knew it meant lots of planning and how could it be possible that we would get to start a church with some of our closest friends? However, the Lord is too good. In May of 2010 Revision became a reality.

Ben preaching on Truth.

I have some admitting to do. I was a little reserved to the idea at first. I felt a since of uneasiness about being apart of the church plant. I know now that God was using that time to better shape and mold me into a submitting wife. He had clearly told Josh this was his will for our lives and it was now my turn to submit and trust in Him. I'm so thankful I did.

Taking Communion (Lords Supper)

Sunday morning went off without a hitch. He is so faithful. Brittany and I got a little emotional at the beginning reminiscing on days where we PRAYED and begged God to give our husbands jobs. We just couldn't believe the day had finally come and God had provided in such a huge way. He is so faithful

The staff wives: Anna, Me, Audrey, Brittany, & Kayla. Yes, we all have blogs & I encourage you to follow them! They are all crafty, one vegan, two moms, two newlyweds & all wonderful! I can not wait to grow closer to these women.

The Staff: Evan (media), Terry (Kayla's husband, Pastoral Assistant), Garrett (Anna's husband, Child/Youth Pastor), Ben (Audrey's husband, Lead Pastor), Josh (my man, Worship Pastor), and Job (Brittanys husband, Teaching/Small Group Pastor)

Can not WAIT to see what the Lord has in store. Thanks to everyone who came out and supported us in one way or another! We were so blessed!


Ben and Audrey said...

thanks for taking all the pics! you did a great job as always! love you & so thrilled you are part of Revision!

Brittany said...

this makes me excited, i may or may not have gotten teary eyed thinking about getting teary eyes sunday, hormones!