We finally got our first snow of the year! Last night it started snowing and it just did.not.stop!!!! We snuggled up. watched a movie. played donkey kong for Wii & my MIL made us rotel. YUM. We stayed up late and slept in! This morning when we woke up... it looked like this:

back porch

front yard

view from our balcony

Our driveway!

I was beyond happy for a snow day at home

so was he. I swear.

no. I did not drop my camera & this is not an accidental picture of Josh cleaning it.


We live in the middle of Narnia.

no I'm not a dork... why do you ask?

Our Frozen pond

Josh loves snowballs.

I purposely didnt have our feet showing because they were frozen blue.

We had a snowball throwing contest over the frozen lake. I wish I could say I wont but I didnt... Josh did:( He cheated, he has bigger muscles than I do. Loser.

Back to the real world tomorrow. Although I am scared to be driving. BIG chance it is all going to freeze back over....

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sweet european dreams said...

Wow. Your photos are staggering. You do indeed live in Narnia! We had a snow day too, but it looked nothing like yours - we currently live in the midst of suburbia - just snow and sidewalks! Have fun & stay warm! -diane