Women since the dawn of time have tried to find a way to hint to their husbands what they want for valentines day... well Ladies, I have cracked this mystery. Just call me Awesome!

1) The first thing you need to do is gather images of all the things you might like to have. Giving your husband a choice might make him feel like it was an original idea. Like he thought of it. This will boost his confidence and therefore up your chances of getting such gift. GENIUS, right?

2) Put the said images on your blog, in a blog post. Like I did below:

Forever 21 lovelies: (it is important to put where you got the images... so husband will know where to find it... to buy it... getting the idea yet? comments on each image will also help husband know why you want it...and to make sure he buys the right thing.)

Love this purple gem. Im getting into satchels... big time. Im afraid it may turn into a unhealthy obsession...

I mean come on, this brown satchel is pure gold.

Love this pink purse. Done right it can look straight up vintage.. done wrong... impossible.

Target wants:

Navy. My new fav color.. and mustard yellow.. but mostly navy...

Etsy Igottahaves:

I really want one of these but with just a K on it... then maybe a long rectangle one with our wedding date on it. I love how it looks so beat up. and i looovvvvee silver.

This is an old type writer letter. I kinda love this one too!

I think I like this. Id get it the same way it's done... can't decide if i am totally in love with it.. but i put it on here just incase.

Teaching accessory needs: Turvis Tumbler

I want one of these so bad. Perfect for teaching and keeping my drink cold. love the K. I would def need a straw and lid bc my clumsiness owns me sometimes.

Scarves... because I can never have enough: www.affordablescarves.com

I have zero gray scarves. I know. Im a disgrace to scarf lovers.

Are you ready? here is the genius part:

3) Finally, type out the above blog post while your husband/guy sits DIRECTLY next to you so he can watch every word you type. Pretend you dont notice him peeking over to see. Giving husbands hints never works (no offense husband). I can't straight out tell him because you know... women always want to give their husbands hints.. letting them know exactly what they want but they want their husbands to think of it on their own so they can be like awww you did this!

yepp... Im so smart. Husband, I see you peeking:)


just the two of us! said...

cute post. also, i have that exact scarf. it's great. and, i almost got you a tumbler for christmas. tell husband they can be found at hallmark. and also tell him NOT to buy the tops with the straws, buy the travel top. the straws are hard to clean and can harbor bacteria. trust me on this one.

just the two of us! said...

and.... i love satchels too. dying for one! :)

Anonymous said...

Oh wow...I just cheked out affordablescarves.com, and this could be dangerous...

Ben and Audrey said...

you should have titled this: DEAR JOSH, BUY ME PURSES, TUMBLERS & JEWELRY FOR VDAY! cute idea! hope you get all of it!!!

Dear Josh, please tell Ben that i would like a date night (no kiddies), or the Zumba game for Wii.

your fave sis

Anna Brewer said...

this is great! you are always coming up with fun things:)