I'm sure you all have great husbands but my husband is the best. I literally could not think of another soul who could fit me the way he does. He is my pastor, protector, and preacher. My favorite thing about him? He helps me to be more like Jesus. & he loves me a whole lot. a whole whole lot:)

So... here are 27 pictures from his 26th year and a few more reasons why I love him:

I love sunny days with him!

I love his stunna shades

I love how he holds me..

I love that he takes me out on fun dates:)

I love that he is an excellent bowler!

I love how when he takes me to the fair even though he hates the rides. But he lets me eat the yummy disgusting food with him!

I love how when we dont have money for dates, he takes me on a picnic...

I love that he got ordained. (means he is a legit Pastor) I love how much he Loves Jesus!

I love how he dresses up in costumes for me...

I love how he likes me during my blonde moments:)

i love how he looks mighty fine in pictures!

I love how he has a serious model face that is h.o.t.t

i love how he loves my family.

I love his super awesome voice!
I love how he is an excellent ginger bread house builder partner

I love how he surprised me with a beautiful tree when I was sick

I love his smile:)

I love how well he cleans up after a long day of working
I love his christmas surprise dates and his sense of humor

I love spending christmas with him

I love that he puts up with all the pictures of us I want to take

I love how he cuddles.
I love when he throw snowballs and misses me:)
I love how he can make the camera stand up by itself so we can take a pic

I love how he is a rebel. Short sleeves in the snow.

I love when he creates indoor picnics

I just love him...


oomph. said...

he sounds like a keeper, lol! happy bday to him! your blog is really cute...i love how both of you are involved in evrything...including outfit posts!


Meredith said...

oh my gosh you two are too cute. for reals. such fun pics which equals even more fun memories. love it. and i love that you like yard sales. what what!