Yesterday I arrived at school, ready to teach young minds when it was decided we'd be getting out early on account of SNOW. I missed my kids;(but Snow days at home are just literally the best. Especially when your husband (who is so awesome) surprises you and creates an indoor picnic full of snacks, Life, and himself. That's the best kind of picnic.

I still dont quite understand how I got so lucky with him. The Lord has truly blessed me.
May 14th BABY!
delish & nutrish.

A miracle happened this morning... snow was still on the ground and I'm still out of school.... So husband and I took a walkabout through our land. It was Narnia and Bliss!
my new favorite picture of him.
as you can see... i ran out of chapstick. horrid.

Here's a few pics from the walkabout:

I just got news that I'm out again tomorrow... is this a dream? What will I do on my third day off?... why I think I'll go to Greenville with my Man & friends... yep, I'll do that.

ps. I changed my blog again if you hadn't noticed. You should never have believed that I would keep that old layout for two months. Shame on you. I like this. alot. Why the name change?... because I like to much stuff to designate this blog to just one type of blog that features one type of thing.... dumb name? maybe. But it fits. for now atleast:)


Andrea said...

I like the new name...and it can be interpreted in many ways : )

Mj. said...

"delish & nutrish" hahahahaha that indoor picnic is so cute. just found your blog and I'll be sticking around. :)