My title kinda gives away the reason behind this post! I'm CELEBRATING my 200th straight consecutive day of working out! YAY!!! Now before you want to kill me.... I only work out for about 30 minutes a day! I switch it up between Jillian Michaels 30 day shred, JM's Yoga DVD, Wii Fit, and the elliptical. It has become a habit like brushing my teeth. I really dont mind doing it everyday. I actually LOVE it:)

I seriously can't believe that I have done it this long! It originally started out as just a 30 day challenged but it just keep going... and going... and going.... Thank you Lord for giving me the strength and ability to keep going. to him all the glory!

Husband bought me some YUMMY cupcakes from Muddy's to celebrate!!!

I'm off to the elliptical... tomorrow starts day 201... Can I really make it to 365days????

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Jenn said...

That is FANTASTIC!!!! YAY girl!! Keep up the good work!