I am so thankful for all the work the Lord has through our church plant, Revision Church. I have desperately needed more girl time in my life. I love my husband to pieces but he is no woman (praise God) and girl time is just good for the soul.

I have prayed many times during the planning for our church for the Lord to bring Godly woman into my life that can sharpen me and help me grow. God fully answered that prayer. I love these woman like I love my own sisters. They are my sisters. Each of them has blessed and encouraged me in different ways.

I am so thankful for them. Last weekend we had a Revision Girls night. It was filled with incredible Veggie Pasta, Amish wine (non-alcoholic.. hence Amish), and laughter. It was much needed.

The Lord is doing incredible things through our church. I feel beyond blessed to be apart of it. The Lord is so so so good.

ps. is this not the most amazing collection of Coke!

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M. said...

amen, sister. He is so good.
I'm glad you had some refreshing time!

love those red walls- so cool.