This weekend was one of mixed emotions. Friday night the husband and I went to a Grizzlies game with our friends. He is a pastor at our church also and his wife, Brittany, and I share alot of the same interests. It was so good to just hang with them and their adorable son. Sorry. no pictures documented.

Saturday we met a friend of mine for lunch at Panera Bread. Delish.ness.

We stopped by a frozen yogurt place, Yolos. Also way Delish.

I have some family members who are hurting right now. Very difficult. I was really burdened and my Husband knew exactly what I needed. A funny movie with him. We saw Rango. Very good!

I wore my Roman Glass ring I got in Israel this past summer. Made me happy too!

The weekend is ending with Revision. I love my church. The message this morning was on Suffering. I know right... it could not have been a more perfect message for me to hear. There is no such thing as coincidences. Just God's perfect timing.

I am now wasting away my life studying and looking forward to small groups with Revision tonight. I can not wait. It is the highlight of my week.

Hope your weekend was spent with the ones you love.


M. said...

amen, sister. so encouraging- God is good.


Becky @ The Shea Family said...

God is good all the time :)

What editor did you use on your photos? I love them!!!

Ramsey said...

I so want to see that movie! Now if I only went to the movies once in an ever...praying for you girl!