Husband and I are so close to ending this chapter of our lives. We will both be graduating college in May and moving into a new chapter of our lives. Im scared and excited all at the same time. no more nights spent studying. no more weekends spent apart. no more living with my MIL. no more living as a college married couple. We are growing up.

With this comes a lot of new things that will be introduced into our lives.
First comes a Job.
Husband already has his two dream jobs so now, I just need a job. Like... right now. Please:) I can teach K-6 or Im good with a camera & being creative.. I'll take either type of job. Really, I'll take anytime of big girl job.

Once that is taken care of, Husband and I can focus on getting one of these:
preferably with a porch and lots of trees.
We haven't lived together alone in over a year, so this will be very new. and very ready for.

Of course once we get house we have to get one of these... or both:
pretty please husband can we get both???

And the cardinal marriage rule (cough cough husband) once you get married, have a house, and a dog is to let your wife adopt him:
& of course have some of your own.

And before we get all of those things above, we must get one of these so we can document all of the things above:

Husband.. did you read this carefully? it's crucial that you did:)

So, that is where we are. We are getting ready for all those new things. Honestly, far above all of that, I want to always be a Godly wife and support my Husband and be in the center of Gods will. Even if that means I get none of those things above. That's really what I want most.


christine donee said...

I'm dying to get the Canon 5D! It's just. so. wonderful. :)


Andrea said...

Woohoo! How exciting to start a new chapter! Don't worry, I'm sure you'll end up getting all of those awesome things ...just probably not this summer (Maybe next summer? haha! Love all of those wishes