I can't begin to explain today unless you know about last night. I got out of class at 6 and met my mother in law in a city 15 minutes out from where we live for dinner. We took dessert to go and barely beat it home.

I slept in clothes with a weather radio and my phone on loud. I woke up every hour to check the storms. Needless to say.. I didn't sleep much. PLUS husband is out of town. so I'm extra.scared.and.lonely.

So fast forward to this morning:

1. woke up at 7:05 (I'm supposed to leave at 7:30)
2. Took shower, makeup, dressed, lunch packed & got into my car at 7:40 (five minutes late but pretty stinking good considering)
3. started down my driveway. There is a massive pothole so I tried to go around it. EPICfail.
4. I go off into the side of the driveway. It's not steep but super muddy so my tires couldn't catch friction. so.im.stuck.
5. my SUPER GREAT father in law comes into the rescue. He came over and chopped down some trees and pulled me right out.

See below:

6. I think everything is handy dandy.. I start my drive to school.
7. I get halfway there and cops block both ways I take to get to the school. There was 4 feet of water in the road. Major flooding going on where I live. Two boys had to be rescued after they played in a boat. It's gotten pretty serious on the flooding side.
8. I head home & get a call from my university adviser. She tells me to stay home!
9. I am now spending the day catching up on some much needed school work and watching the news hoping my kids and fellow teachers can make it home safely! The roads by the school are closed due to flooding. it's crazy!


M. said...

oh my word. i'm glad you're alright!


Ramsey said...

Oh me geez! That sounds like my luck! Hope the hubby gets home soon!

christine donee said...

glad you are a-ok. that is crazy stuff!