Friday was my last day of student teaching. I was driving to school with a cupcake on board ready to give it to my teacher and say bye to my kids.

That never happened.

In route, I was singing and just driving along. My right tire went off the road and I pulled the other way.

I over corrected

My car zig-zagged across the road

I was headed for trees & then....

I heard HIS voice.

The Lord said "Close your eyes & go limber. Go limber. I've got you"

The next thing I know my body is being tossed around like a bean bag everything is spinning and then I'm upside down. My first thought is "is anything broken". I moved my arms and legs. My head and back were throbbing. I could not get my seat belt undone.

My car had hit some trees, bounced back, rolled 2 or three times, and landed upside down.

I then thought "do i have ALL MY TEETH". If you know me, you know I'm TERRIFIED to loose my teeth. I'm a dork. I know.

I'm happy to say. I have my teeth. I started honking my horn & then a man pulls me out of the car. I met two very sweet people just then. A fireman driving by and a mother who saw me in pain and stopped to call my family and hold my hand.

I cracked jokes to keep them calm and to keep me from FREAKING out. I then asked if I could pray. I was praying in my head but there is something relaxing and reassuring about praying out loud. I Praised the Lord for his protection and soverignty. I thanked him for allowing it to happen so only he could receive glory. I thanked him for the people who stopped to help and asked Him to bless them and calm them. I prayed for my family and that they would not panic. I asked for quick healing. I praised him again over and over and over.

The ambulance came. I cracked more jokes with my EMT. It made the ride less scary.

Once at the hospital, I broke down. They had dumb visiting hour rules and I did not want to be alone. The pain was more intense and I was scared of internal damages.... and that I wont be able to go on our cruise in a week... They gave me meds. Pain meds and my favorite... some type that knocked me out. I was in la la land.

6 oclock FINALLY came & so did all the test results. NO broken bones. NO fractured bones. NO internal damages. Husband says if he didn't know I was okay when he arrived at the crash, according to the appearance of my car, he would have thought I was dead. We will see the car tomorrow.

Husband stopped by walgreens on the way home to get some cold things to put on my face for the BAD swelling..

Yes, he got Pizza Rolls to put on my head. HA! I love him!

I have done nothing but sit in a chair and put Ice all over.

BE WARNED. I LOOK LIKE A HOT MESS....okay..maybe not so hot. But DEF a MESS

Day of wreck:

Day 2:

My constant state of being: Iced.

Day 3 (Today):

I should have slept with my foot propped up. Its blue.

Hot right? But looking better:)

Josh has been an absolute sweet heart. He has taken care of my every need. He has fed me, bathed me, clothed me, comforted me, and forced me to move around. I am so thankful for his servant heart and compassion. I can not thank him enough. I love him.

The lady who stopped to help called my husband and my mom & said that me praying for her really touched her heart. Please join me in praying for her salvation.

Thank you to all my family and friends who have sent encouraging words & prayed for me. Thank you mom and dad for coming to the Hospital & just being my parents;) and to my sister, Lindsay, for bringing me lunch. My mother in law has been so helpful and sweet. She is such a blessing. Thank you all so much.

I can not praise the Lord enough for his hand of protection and for being with me. I know it sounds crazy but I did hear his voice & I felt his presence. That is something only His children will understand. It is a miracle that I am as okay as I am. a True Miracle. & it is ONLY because of the Lord. ONLY because of his mercy that I am alive and doing well. I do not know why He allowed it to happen but I praise Him regardless. He will reveal that to me in His timing. I'm so thankful I serve a living God who has a personal relationship with me and chooses to love me and protect me despite my sin because He sent His son to die and I asked Him to be my savior. God is so good. So good. SO good.

He wants that relationship with you too.

I feel so blessed.


Ben and Audrey said...

This brought me tears. knowing you heard from the Lord & that He protected you is so humbling & overwhelming. you are so precious to me & I'm so thankful for you. and so thankful you have Josh. please take it easy & get some rest. love you SO very much.

Kelsey Aldridge said...

That made me cry too. I'm so sorry ... I know you feel awful. Me and Hunt are praying for you. Love you.

Wendy said...

Oh my gosh, I am so glad you are ok! Prayers to you and those around you and those who helped!

A Lost Feather said...

ohhhhh my dear goodness. i'm so glad you're alright! i was just lazily scrolling through my google reader and your post caught my attention.. how scary. I'm glad you felt His presence there to comfort and protect you.. car accidents are terrifying. good job for keeping so calm. i hope you feel completely better very, very soon!

Miyan said...

you are blessed. glad you are ok and improving. stay well!



Becky @ The Shea Family said...

So glad you are okay! I know how your husband feels to get a phone call saying that you been in an accident. A few weeks ago I got a call saying my husband was in a head on collision and his car was in a ditch, literally 4 blocks from our house! I was hysterical, but luckily he walked away with just some sore muscles. The Lord had his hand on you that day, and soon you will find out why he protecting you that day.

Mallorie said...

Oh my goodness...I just read this post. I am so glad that you are okay! You are so blessed!