Those are the three best words I have ever said.
eye.finished. colllleeeeggggeeee

Gosh, not matter how I type it. It's the best thing I've ever said/typed.
I can not believe I am done with school. It took 16 years of my life. I am GLAD it is over.

Since I could not make it to say bye to my kids on Friday due to the wreck, I went yesterday.
I spent a year in this class with these Kids and Ms. Hoggard. I absolutely loved this student teaching experience and I can not thank the LORD enough for placing me at such an awesome school with awesome teachers!

All 75 of my KIDS:)

I'll miss this room & Ms. HOGGARD!

Sweet good byes from my kids & fellow teachers : An adorable bag, chocolates, gift cards, and a clipboard for when I teach:)

Seriously though...
Did I tell you I'm finished with college?

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Ramsey said...

Yay! Congrats girl!!!