If I didn't mention it in the post before... my aunt and uncle are RAD!! They knew all the great places to take us and to eat at. We headed to Sedona for the day. I tried to pack the city up in my suit case but it was it or the shoes... and I'm a little too attached to my shoes to say goodbye. So Husband, I guess we have to go back there soon! 

We talked around the quaint little town, picked out candy apples to feast on later, & then they surprised Husband and I with a PINK JEEP tour of Broken Arrow in Coconino National Park! Uhhh seriously the funnest thing ever! At one point our Jeep was at a 90 degree vertical slope. Scariest.thing.ever.I.love.Brakes. 
The view was actual a gigantic backdrop or atleast I thought so because it was so incredibly beautiful it did not seem real. 

Oh and if you were wondering... yes, the candy apples were divine.

Okay, now there are only 5.5 million pictures of AZ to post. Whew. Progress people, I'm making Progress.

Oh Sedona, don't you cry for me. I'll be back one day you'll see

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