One thing I LOVED about AZ was all the different scenery! Way different than MS but still pretty in its own way! These are some of the plants in my Aunt and Uncles yard & their beautiful house. The next day we went to church with them. It was one of the most beautiful churches I've ever been in. Why? Oh maybe it was the HUGE rock in the middle of it. Or the incredible view of windows. Then we went for some grub at a local diner. If you live there you have to eat there. seriously. you have too. Husband and I ate the world's largest baked pancake. It was pancake on crack. Last but not least we went to see Bartlett Lake. It looked like a mirage out in the desert. I tried to take that home too... darn water would have made all my clothes wet.

OH AZ I miss you already

These posts are like a picture book. All pictures with a little bit of story scribble. My favorite:)

Okay for real there may be like 2 or 3 AZ posts left to make! Check the two below & get ready for the ones to come... they are my favorite!

ps. I miss the ZERO humidity in AZ.

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