This is where we live. I've never gone out in the entire year I've lived here and walked around town square. It's charming:) Rednecks everywhere but oh.so.charming. ESP when you have a free Friday with your husband, the town is quiet, and you just walk.  Oh and that green beautiful field.... that's my next door land. I live way out in the boondocks people. I'm not exaggerating. I wish I had some cute little food place to show off but that's not in Tobie Town. We have Mexican or Chinese... and neither are cute. Just fattening.

Husband and I are headed on a RANDOM IMPROMPTU road trip to AZ for a conference and to see family. I just found out about it Monday. We are stoked. & yes, we are driving 24 hours. oh boy!


Rita said...

I think your town is very quaint!! Looks very quiet and cozy.

Amber Marie said...

Cute blog. It was suggested to me by a friend! Excited to keep reading. WWW.ambermarie8.blogspot.com