I've been wanting to do this post for a while but just have not found the time. So you know what that means... this post is going to be doozy. All talk. No pictures.

God is doing big things in our church, www.revisionchurch.com. I want to document what He is doing in my life through this church. It has been such a sweet time but even more than sweet it has been a season of pruning and extreme growing for me. The Lord has had a chisel at my back and has been slowly, quickly, painfully, gracefully chiseling my flesh off and replacing it with His character since the church has started. It's been a rough couple of months but at the same time so precious, needed, wanted, and humbling. 

This time last year I was lonely. Not lonely physically... I have my best friend, Josh, and we had plenty of couple friends, but I  didn't have any girl friends. I wanted that close girl friend I could call or text at any time. That girl friend who would understand what I was going through. That girl friend who would rebuke me when I was wrong. That girl friend who would like the things I like and just be a friend. You know what I mean girls. This sounds so silly but it was something I so desperately needed. I needed fellowship with close women in my life who could help me grow spiritually and just be a friend. I had Godly women in my life but what was missing was COMMUNITY with these women. 

I prayed and asked the Lord for a true close friend who would understand where I was in my life, be  on the same chapter as me, could challenge, encourage, and hold me accountable. I just needed that. (this is NO reflection of my husband. Love him to death and he is my best friend but all you women know what I mean.. you need girl time or another women to walk through life with:) ) 

My only mistake in my prayer: I limited God and only asked for one.
Months later, Revision started. Little did I know that the Lord was going to answer my prayer times 8. 

Through Revision, the Lord brought 8 women into my life (some I already knew well) to be the single woman that I prayed for. I prayed for 1, God graciously sent 8. These women have become family to me. They have shaped me, pruned me, convicted me, challenged me, encouraged me, spoiled me, befriended me, laughed with me, cried with me, prayed for me, rebuked me, and loved me. Each of them has a different character of Jesus that shines through them that I want to be more like in my life.

Audrey: Not only is she my sister, but she serves as a pastor's wife with me. She encourages me on so many levels. She is a homemaker. Her home is a refuge for her husband and a home for her children. I have been so motivated by her to prepare myself now for when I have children and a home of our own. Her desire to constantly learn more about how to be a Godly mother and wife has only challenged me to do the same. She is a Mary in a Martha world. She is a homemaker but above all she sits at the feet of Jesus and wants to be more like him and learn more about him. The Lord has used her to show me what a Godly pastor's wife is supposed to strive toward. She is my challenging girl friend (meaning she challenges me..)

Brittany: She is also a pastor's wife at Revision. Brittany loves her husband. I mean LOVES. She puts Him first (after the Lord) and it is so evident. She serves him and helps him. She lifts him up in public and is so supportive of him. Paul challenges us to love our husbands with first a phileo love and then an agape love. Brittany does just that. She also opens her home selflessly to our church. This is something I can not WAIT to do. Josh and I are so excited to move closer to our church family so that we to can use it to serve our church. I am so thankful for how the Lord has used brittany in my life. He has taught me not to compare (she simply has a home and I don't, haha), to love my  husband more, and to use my home to serve Him only through her. She is my encouraging girl friend.

Anna: Anna is a Revision's Pastors wife also. Anna is my real friend. By real, I simply mean real. She is real with me. She never sugar coats, tells me what I want to hear, or is fake with me. She is blunt, honest, and strong. She is the one and only friend in my life that I can call to confess struggles to and feel absolutely ZERO judgment from her. She gives me the honest truth and loves me despite my flaws. I'm so thankful for her realness with me and her ability to be open with me. I know I can call or text her at any time of day and she will listen. She is such a good listener.  She rebukes me when I need it and encourages me when I'm down. The Lord has taught me to be less judgmental in every situation, quiet so that I can listen to others, and real with people through her. She is my real girl friend.

Theresa: Josh and I have been praying for this woman to come into my life for over a year now. Josh does an incredible job of disciplining me but I needed that older woman in my life to teach me what it means to be a Godly wife and mother. This is something the bible talks frequently about and I knew I needed the counsel of an older woman in my life daily. Of all the women at Revision church, this woman loves me, rebukes me, spoils me, loves me,  disciplines me, encourages me, and loves me. She has taken me in under her wing, opened her home, and has allowed Josh and I to be a part of their family. She holds me accountable weekly for my quiet times and my struggles. She speaks such Godly wisdom into my life and has been the major way the Lord has pruned me into His likeness. She understands me, listens to me, and prays for me constantly. She sacrificially gives up time with her family to teach me and for this I am so thankful. Her love for the Word and scripture is so challenging and convicting to me. I want her love for the Word. I want her knowledge of scripture. I want her Godly wisdom. This woman is a God send and the Lord knew how badly I needed her in my life. She challenges and encourages me in every way possible. She is the older woman/friend in my life the bible tells us to have.

Kathe: If you go to Revision Church, you already know everything about Kathe that I'm going to list. She is a servant. Period. That's it. She serves and serves and serves and serves. She is a prayer warrior. She prays and prays and prays. She encourages. Boy does she encourage. I want to be an encourager to others like she is. Literally I could go on for paragraphs about this woman but if you know her, you know exactly what I mean. If you don't... what are you doing with your life? Get to know this woman! She is my encouraging girl friend.

Kayla: She is so quiet and a gentle spirit. So spunky and fun when you get to know her but so sweet in her actions. She is a newlywed and the love and desire to be a Godly wife is refreshing and convicting. The Lord has used her to show me how to die to my selfishness and serve my husband.

Kelsey: This girl is me. We are seriously the same person and I think we were supposed to be sisters. On so many levels we think, act, and talk the same. My husband and her soon to be husband are also basically the same person. We share the same personality and I love it. She will soon be married and it's so encouraging and convicting to me to see her strive to learn how to be a Godly wife. I mean I'm already married and she strives harder sometimes than I do. I love that about her. Josh and I have really tried to invest in this sweet couple. Being around them challenges me in so many ways. I want to have a marriage that is an example of what the Lord calls us to have and something they or any newlywed couple can model in our church. It challenges me to strive after the Lord and to keep the Gospel the center in our marriage so that we can be an example to others. This will take years I know, and we will never arrive, but the position we are surrounding ourselves with couples like Kelsey and Hunter keep us encouraged to do so. She is also a girl friend who challenges me.

Michelle: What I love most about this girl is her heart. She wants a deeper walk with the Lord. She is quick to repent and willing to be molded. She longs to serve others and is open to wise counsel.  My sister, Audrey, disciples her. Michelle's heart is so sweet and I'm so encouraged by her walk with the Lord growing so rapidly and strongly. 

These 8 women in a way formed the one girl friend I needed in my life.  I know this is incredibly cheesy but I don't care.

There are several other women and girls apart of Revision that the Lord has allowed me to make friendships with and I don't mean to leave them out. The first 8 women were just the first 8 the Lord allowed me to meet or grow closer too after my silly prayer asking for Him to send one friend. I am excited to grow closer to all of you and excited for who else the Lord will send to Revision. The Lord has even used the women visiting. Gosh is He good!

I know all 8 of these women and all the other women (& men) of Revision will agree with me when I say the Lord is doing some incredible things in our church. These women (and the entire church) have become family to me. The community amongst the church is nothing I've ever experienced before at any other church. I am so thankful for what the Lord is doing and that He has allowed me to be apart. 

So humbling.

Thank you Ladies for being my friend. From the bottom of my heart, I am so thankful for each of you. I love you women. 


Ben and Audrey said...

LOVE this. and LOVE you. so very proud of you. you are a fun & sweet blessing to me, always.

Kayla said...

Love you girl... This was a really sweet post!