We had a 24 hour drive back from AZ to MS. Husband and I passed the time listening to several sermons. One we listened to is the one above. It's Mark Driscoll's sermon on Heaven and Hell. When I heard this sermon, I knew I had to post it. The Lord speaks so clearly through Mark & Mark preaches the Word. I hope you will take the time to listen. Put it on while you surf the internet, FB, or other blogs. Listen to it while you clean or get ready in the morning. 

The title of the sermon is an obvious clue to what he talks about. He takes several Q&A's at the end about Heaven & Hell and answers them with scripture. I realize this is a "touchy" subject in today's society and might even be considered blog suicide to make such a post. But I don't care. I want my blog to speak Boldy about the Lord and the Lord to use my blog as a vessel for Him. I genuinely love all my readers and I'm so thankful you follow my blog... this is the exact reason I'm posting the video. Because, I love you. 

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