:::Jackie Boy & Jovie Girl:::

Aren't they the cutest kids? They are my most favorite little people on the earth & they happen to be my niece and nephew. Sweet, right?  I honestly have never loved two little kids this much in my entire life. I'm completely head over heels for them. I took theses at family night one night. I can't wait to have a house and have them spend the night alllll the time {that will happen, right Audrey?)

But seriously, how cute are they?

p.s I have 1 billion pictures coming soon from our AZ trip. okay, not really 1 billion but I did have 1,000. not.kidding.

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Ramsey said...

Ther are really too cute! Great pictures...they look so sweet together!
And I had no idea Lucy and Leo's was on Cupcake Wars, but I looked it up and watched the episode after you told me...how funny! They should have won though. Just sayin'.