So two week ago on a Monday, Husband found out we were going to AZ for a work trip & the Southern Baptist Pastors Conference. As soon as my husband told me, I knew we HAD to stay with my Aunt & Uncle who happened to live in the same city!! 

We left that Thursday. Talk about a nutzo week. It took us all day Thursday & half of Friday. I took pictures to pass the time of the drive... it helped a little bit. Mainly it helped Husband from getting annoyed at me asking are we there yet? every ten minutes:)

I'm so thankful Lauren at Busy Bee Lauren blogs all about AZ & where to eat. That's how we knew to eat at Pita Jungle. I got a falafel. Although it wasn't as good as the ones I had in Israel, It was still DELISH:) Thanks Lauren!

The next day we went with my aunt and uncle to Sedona to see Oak Creek Canyon. Uhhhhh... I love Arizona.

We had lunch at the Enchantment resort. Which was absolutely in love with. The picture above is our view from our table:) Be very glad I forgot to take a picture of our food because you would totally be drooling. 

hahaha I had to laugh because you probably think this is all the pictures. Oh no my blog buddies... there are about 8.9 million more to come. Get ready. Dont hate me.

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