God has truly been blessing our church and doing amazing things! This past weekend we had a church wide fellowship & our first 3 Baptisms!! God is so good! I feel so blessed to be apart of this church family! It really is a family and the unity & community between this church is so humbling to be apart of! We take care of each other, provide for each other, pray for each other & would do just about anything for one another. That is what true church is. The people. Doing life together & spreading the Gospel. 


If you live in the area you should come one Sunday! We would love to have you:) www.revisionchurch.com

p.s Click on the LAST 4 pictures to see them in action!
why? because I'm dumb and can't figure out how to make them do it here

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Ramsey said...

I love that you got such wonderful pictures of this. And that is the MOST gorgeous pool!