I hope you all had a splendid fourth of July. Mine was spent with friends, family, and people I love. Just like it should be spent. 
We grilled out at a cottage 
ate tons of scrumptious food
killed 99.9 billion mosquitoes
shot off fireworks
had a girl's photo shoot
made a bonfire... yes, in July. That's how we roll.
ate smore's 
& Andrew summoned fire gods. nbd.

This weekend=yardsales, rummage sales, prepping my classroom, dinner dates, games with friends, house-sitting, and my favorite Revision Church.

ahhhh summer. I do love you.

P.S thanks Adam for taking some of the pictures!

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A Lost Feather said...

sparklers! so fun.. i could not find them anywheree.. it's illegal to sell them in ny i found out.. lame lame LAME.

looks like a fun time and that little pup is SO cute!