I FINALLY finished my classroom and I could not be more excited!! It's so surreal that I have my own room and will be teaching in a matter of days. I feel so blessed to have this job! I love all the other teachers I've met & my principals are AMAZING! The Lord is so good. I literally have the perfect job. 

I tried really hard to keep the cost of my room down so I did a lot of crafting, hit up tons of yard sales, and bought only things on sale!

 As soon as you enter the room:
 To the left when you walk in:
 The chair I redid:
 Left wall:
 The vocabulary words we will study will come from texts that we read in class. Any word that my students may be unfamiliar with will go on the "Word Wall" and become a vocabulary word.
 Back Wall:
 Instead of buying the boring poster, I decided to make the 12 Powerful Words a little more FUN:)
 I was given the table. That's right... GIVEN!! (not by the school either) The Lord seriously provided above and beyond. I am so thankful!
 My Nook:
 Right Wall: After the few first weeks, I will use the bulletin board to display student work (hence the "look what we did"). Right now, It will display a calendar & important school information.
 Group Numbers:
 View from the back:
 One VERY happy teacher:)!!!
 I added these paper clips after I took the photos above. Fun, Easy way to hold on to the papers I might need, or sweet notes from students (assuming that I will get those)

Monday starts Day One of being a Teacher.
OH. MY. 

p.s. Here is part one, two, and three of Operation Classroom.


Rachael said...

Hi Katie! I don't know if you remember me or not, but I went to DCHS with you when I was in 10th grade and you were in 9th. (Maiden name-Rachael Loftin). Anyway, I ran across your blog on the blog of a sister of a friend from church...confused?! :) Small world! I am starting my first year of teaching this year also and I'm teaching 6th grade English, too! (I'm at Briarcrest.) Your classroom turned out SO cute, and you've given me a ton of great ideas--I'm working on a limited budget too! Thanks for sharing how you put it all together! All the best for a wonderful year!!

Brooke said...


Amber Marie said...

this is wonderful! :) I'm in my last year of English Education at Delta State...I'm so nervous about all that is to come as I prepare to teach, so by all means keep blogging about it!

Andrea said...

I LOVE it all-you did an awesome job. I was wondering what you were going to do with that stop sign-nice!

Teena in Toronto said...


Happy Simcoe Day ... happy blogoversary :)

Kimmy said...

Looks SO cute! Best wishes with your students! :)

Caitlin said...

coolest classroom ever! especially stop, collaborate and listen. amazing. nice work!