I have been working on my classroom non-stop lately. Seriously this has been the most productive last couple of weeks of my life. I'm so physically exhausted and my body is revolting but I'm so thankful and grateful for the job! 

Here is a quick update on my room! There is still SO MUCH to be done.

 Remember this chair? I spray painted it & reupholstered the seat. LOVE IT! 
(can't wait to show you what I did with the stop sign:))

I posted about this bookshelf from my last post. Spray paint is my favorite thing. I got the lamp a while back. It was brass and I spray painted it red! Also the tall bookcase was $10bucks off Craigslist. I'm a new Craigslist junkie.

 File cabinet from my last post. Spray painted red.

Here are a couple of random photos of stuff I accomplished in my room today. I got my fabric bulletin board done. The bookshelf was painted green (8 bucks at a yardsale) & the wire baskets were free & I spray painted them!

This hangs above my desk. I had the canvas from my wedding that I used as a sign. I covered it in the same fabric as the chair. The "K" came from Joanns. I simply made this for me. Serves no purpose other than it is pretty & will brighten my day:)

My nook of the room. I still have some things to hang on the wall but it's coming together. I spray painted those plastic paper file baskets yellow. The paper ball was free. Lamp was free and spray painted. Rug was from my previous post. I'm thinking of covering the front of my desk with fabric... once I find the tree in my backyard where the money grows.

My favorite project so far. I'm going to hang these from the ceiling to identify my group seating. I found this tutorial and fell i.n. l.o.v.e. Paper is from walmart. $6 total to make these:)

 I was so blessed with birthday, babysitting, graduation, house sitting money that I haven't had to spend a DIME of my own money on my classroom yet. Isn't the Lord incredible? I knew teaching was what He wanted me to do and I can feel His blessings for obeying. 
Things left to do for my classroom: 
Get all posters laminated
Hang all posters on wall
Finish my bulletin board
Finish my nook of the room
Hang my group numbers
paint a white board & hang outside class
Die-Cut letters for my room
organize office supplies & desk
& plenty more I can't think of at the moment

whew. Easy to be overwhelmed but trusting in Jesus.



Rosy P. said...

Your classroom looks amazing! I remember last summer I helped my friend Allie decorate her classroom. She teaches special education so we went all out, we crumpled up brown paper and stapled it to her walland creater a tree. We also created a sky and an owl and clouds and a plane with a banner hanging from the end of it with her name on it. We also made flowers out of tissue paper. It was so much fun. The way you painted the furniture was a smart way to save and is so pretty! love it (:


Brooke said...

It is looking so cute! It helps, I promise-- it's your home away from home! :)

Casey @ Classic with a Pop said...

Stumbled upon your blog a while back (I have no idea how) and love it! This furniture looks so so awesome...the stool and your "K" board that you made are my favorites! That fabric is awesome :)