Slowly but surely I am making progress on my classroom. I just work on it a little bit everyday. Here are a few updates: (flowers above are my hall passes, got them all for 50cents at a yardsale)

I finished my bulletin board... somewhat. not my favorite thing but it's functional!

This hangs outside my classroom. Everyday, I will write what my students need for the day on it. Great way for them to know and me not get asked a million times. BIG thanks to a fellow teacher for this idea. Whiteboard was $1 at a yardsale. I painted it.

 Remember this teaser from my last post:
 This is what I did with them! They hang over the groups. They are for sure my favorite thing in the room and only cost 6 bucks to make! I put the tutorial link in my last classroom post.

Now to my favorite part of the room so far, my desk! I know I will be spending alot of time in my room over the next year (aka my home away from home) and I really wanted it to be a bright colorful room that my kids will enjoy coming into. My little nook of the room is rad if I do say so myself. It's hard to tell from my iphone pics & the crappy lighting how well all of the fabrics and colors coordinate but you get the idea.
 All fabric came from Joanns. I spent around $30 for all the fabric in my room (desk, canvas, bulletin board, and chair). Lamp was free, red file cabinet 3 bucks, black file cabinet free, vase was 2 bucks, wicker basket 3 piece storage set was a gift, Yellow paper ball was free, Rug was 4 bucks, desk supplies.... no comment. let's just say Walmart got the best of me:(
 I'm so incredibly thankful that the Lord has provided the money to get my room ready. I still haven't spent a dime of my own money on it. The Lord is so good. 

Still to do: 
Hang everything on my walls. Hopefully, this will happen Monday.
THAT'S IT!!!!! I still will have administrative stuff to do but as far as my class being decorated, I will be done by Monday, Lord willing!!

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