First off, the Lord is good. 

This morning I went to YARDSALES:) I have not been able to go for the past few weeks and I desperately need stuff for my classroom! I prayed and PRAYED and prayed last night that the Lord would allow me to find some great steals today. Again, I say the Lord is good because I hit the m.o.t.h.e.r.l.o.a.d this AM! One yard sale was a "Name the price, I have to get rid of everything, moving" sale! The best kind... PLUS she was a teacher. uh yeah.... racked up!!!

Last night, I got to talking to my friend Brittany about my classroom and what color scheme I should go with. She suggested white, yellow, green, & hints of red. I'm totally going with that. I was already thinking green & yellow/gold because school colors are purple and gold. But, I love the idea of some fun red! Thanks Britt!

So I found this adorable yellow vase for $2. The bookshelf was $8!! & that is real wood people. Great Condition. It will be painted green.
I got this case of books from the teacher yard sale lady. $2 BUCKS FOR THE WHOLE BOX! Yay for classroom library!!

File cabinet: It will be spray painted green. Why yes, I only spent $3 on it. I know... epic!
From the same teacher lady, I got this whiteboard. It was ONE buck. My classroom is mostly chalkboard, so this thing is going to be a life saver!

We were almost home and saw one last sign. I'm so glad I turned! I got this stop sign (I'll write something below the stop to make it motivation). I was a little nervous that buying this would be illegal or something. However, a sheriff just happened to be there and He approved of my purchase:) The chair was $8. It will be painted red & recovered in adorable green/yellow/red/white fabric:)

Total today I got a bookshelf, vase, case of books, file cabinet, whiteboard, stop sign, & teacher/reading chair for DRUMROLLLLLLLL : $27 buckaroos. 
Told ya the Lord is good.

Here are two more finds I got for my room a while back at yardsales. This rug I bought from a friend. It is massive and only cost me, I THINK, $4. But don't make me promise.

And these precious little flowers are going to be my hall passes. I will spray paint them red. I think I paid like 50cent for all of them.. I can't remember either.

I still need quite a bit more. I need a tall bookcase (or two). Curtains. Lamps. Fabric. ALL office supplies. more books for my library. Posters. Organizational supplies... the list goes on and on. So feel free to help a sister out:)


Jane said...

Your classroom is going to be super cute. What grade are you teaching?
It's a big investment to get started, but you don't have to buy it all. I look on craigslist all the time and get great stuff for free. For example, I have gotten boxes of Ranger Rick magazines and boxes of old business cards. I use the old business cards for flash cards. If you post a "wanted" add on craigslist and explain that you are a new teacher you might find a retiring teacher who would love to unload stuff!

K@The Thrifty Teacher said...


I have read your blog forever... I am happy for you (with your new teaching position). I teach fifth :)

Anyway- if you want more dry-erase space, go to home depot or lowes and buy a piece of shower board. Your school might let your cover the chalkboards, or you can just prop it up. At my previous school- they put liquid nail over the chalkboard and slapped the new board up.

You can also ask for things on your local cragislist. Just put that you are a teacher and are looking for a tall book shelf or something like that.

Also- you should check out the proteacher forums and a-z teacher forums. There are tons of ideas posted (and cute decoration ideas). You can get tons of stuff for cheap through vistaprint (check their forums for tips on how to get it)

Good luck!