This weekend Husband and I drove up to Little Rock, AR to spend some time with his grandparents & go to one of my best friend's, Austin Walker, wedding! It was a nice little getaway!

Thoughts from the trip:
*The time with the family ROCKED
*The wedding was absolutely gorgeous if you couldn't tell. I mean, beautiful. 
*If I had to get married again, I would so get married at the Terry House
*Austin married up. Emma is flawlessly beautiful
*I could not be more thankful to have Austin as a friend. He was there for me when my house burnt down & suffered through lots of sobbing phone calls. His friendship means the world to me. He's my sixth brother. He and Emma are going to rock at doing ministry together. I am so happy Husband and him are friends too!
*His sister, Alyson, is the bomb.com
*I wish them ONLY the best
*Pepe=some random name I gave him. Think it may be his Spanish name. not to sure but it's what pops up when he calls me.
*Adele is perfect for road trips. Heck, she is perfect for any situation.


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