This week has been CRAZY! Actually the past two weeks have been a whirlwind. I completed my first week of teaching and husband planned, directed, and completed a conference for church planters in town (biggest one in this region. my husband is awesome).

All I ever do is lesson plan and lesson plan and lesson plan. And in the little bit of spare time that I have, I lesson plan:) So, how have I made it through this week, you ask? JESUS, HUSBAND, MENTOR TEACHER, MOTHER IN LAW, AND NAIL POLISH. 

JESUS: I never knew how involved teaching was. My goodness, it is so much more than a 8 to 3 job. It consumes my whole life. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE what I am doing. It is hard, tiring, exhausting, rewarding, and stressful, but I know it is what the Lord has called me to do. Therefore, I do it to bring him glory. I am loving every minute of getting to know my kids. It's only been a week and I know I've already made an impact on a few of them:)

HUSBAND: I could not have gotten through this week without him. He is constantly praying and encouraging me. When it got too overwhelming, he could calm me down. When I felt like I was failing, he reassured me to find my victory in Jesus. When I got to whining, he set me straight. I love this man.

MENTOR TEACHER: she is the bomb.com. I'm not kidding, I don't know how I would be surviving if it was not for her. She is incredible at her job and so full of wisdom. She has been so patient with me and so open. She is a true gift from the Lord this year. I'm so blessed to be under her and observing her. I can't get enough!

MOTHER IN LAW: This women spoils me. Every night, she has had dinner on the table. That has helped relieve so much stress off of me. I'm so thankful and grateful to have such a sweet caring mother in law. She has no idea how much she has helped me by simply making dinner. Thanks mom:)

NAIL POLISH: I don't know why, but this little bottle I bought myself today as a surprise to me from my husband has just made my week:) Just a little pick me up! Thanks Husband for the sweet surprise. haha.

sally hansen. #28 Mint Sprint

I'm off to relearn simple, compound, and complex sentences. 

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