Today was Day One of teaching. I met my sweet kiddos today:) Oh sixth graders... they are going to be so fun!I took a picture today... because well you know... It's my first day of school:)

 Goodwill shoes:) Love them!

Husband said pants would make look me look more like a professional. Thankful for him;) Pics are so blurry because of my iphone:( I need iphone4 cough cough cough husband cough.

Today went great! We went over procedures, rules, lockers, and a brief introduction. Tomorrow will be more fun activities for team building and introductions mixed in with more procedures! I'm looking forward to it.. and scared of it all at the same time. 

Teaching experience so far/My goals for teaching: 
I'm scared of lesson plans
I want my kids to like me and be obediant
I'm terrified I'll mess up school administrative stuff like lesson plans, attendance, grade book, etc
I want to do a good job
I want to impress my principals through hard work
I want to work hard to bring Glory to the Lord
I want to be Christ to my kids and co-workers no matter how hard a day I have
I want to constantly show Jesus
My biggest fear is that I wont be Christ-like to them
I never want to judge my kids
I never want to give up on them just because they won't obey
I want to do a good job. 
I want my kids to grow. 
I want my kids to love learning:)
I want to implement effective lessons.
Teaching is overwhelming and humbling all at the same time.

and the list goes on...... 

Lord, use me. Help me to always give you the Glory for any good work I do. You are the only good in me.

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