Last weekend was full of love. Last Friday night, some of our dear friends, Kathe and Evan,  got engaged. She never saw it coming. He proposed in his apartment and afterward brought her to his grandparents. All of their closest friends and family were there to surprise her! It was so sweet and fun to celebrate.

Little did one of my friends, Kelsey, know that she was getting proposed to the next morning. I had such a hard time talking to her because I just wanted to tell her! 

Josh and I met her fiance at some apartments that they plan to live in after they get married. She thought they were just going to look at it and take measurements. She has been expecting a proposal but this totally threw her for a loop. Hunter told us what he wanted, so after he left josh, my sister, and I got to work making it an intimate space.

We jetted out right before they got there. She was TOTALLY surprised!! I could not be more excited for them:)
While we waited to get the call that they were ten minutes away, we played around with my favorite niece and nephew.
 Last look with all the candles lit!
 THE BOBOS!!!!!!!
 So happy for her:)
The pictures do not do it justice. It was absolutely adorable and romantic. I wish I had taken pictures at the other engagement party:( 

Congrats Kathe and Evan & Kelsey and Hunter!!!!!

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