This post is a little bit late and a little bit long. Alas, our weekend trip to Nashville was full of food, more food, a little more food, shopping and sleeping. sweet peace.

The drive up was filled with reading, conversation, and a lite nap. We went to see Cowboys Vs. Aliens that night. Yes, we went to a movie past 4 in the afternoon. What happens in Nashvegas... stays in NashVegas.
 our hotel. love.
The second day was a shopping frenzy over labor day sales and a date night to quite possibly the fanciest schmanciest restaurant we will ever put our value menu toes into
 Date night to Virago.
 of course froyo was needed after and Pinkberry is the coolest designed froyo place. ever. I wanted to live there.
 Sunday we grabbed breakfast at the Pancake Pantry, walked around downtown Nashville, went thrifting, and drove into Franklin.
sweet potato pancakes. enough said.
 Can I have this painted on the side of my house please?
 Also, I want to own this little thrift/boutique shop we found...
 We wandered the endless rows of books in a bookstore. Husband was in heaven.
 In Franklin, we found a cluster of boutiques inside an old factory. It made our souls ooze with jealously over the coolness of the Factory. Tons of little boutique booths set up. Of course they were closed...
there should never be a reason to explain why ice cream is needed. especially rum raisin.
 Last night in Nashville was spent dining in an eloquent Italian restaurant and stuffing food into our mouth like it was going out of style.
 Maggiano's. you have stolen my heart.

weekend trips should happen every other weekend. hint hint husband.

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