This weekend a couple from our church got married. They asked me to shoot their wedding. I am by no means a professional photographer. However, I fully believe the Lord has allowed me to  learn these skills to bless other people. I simply enjoy it as a hobby. When they asked, I prayed and asked the Lord if it would bring him Glory. I decided yes because it blesses them. I am so thankful the Lord has given me this gift (even though it is small and I'm not the most talented) to bring him Glory. ANYWAYS... Here is a small sneak peek from their day. Simply a BEAUTIFUL wedding. God was Glorified. They had a simple backyard wedding on a friend of mines Land. It was intimate, small, romantic, and sweet. Totally recommend this type of ceremony to anyone. Loved it!
 My two best friends and the Bride;)


Thank you for allowing me to be apart of your day. It was such a blessing. I pray that you keep the Lord at the center of your Marriage & He alone is your foundation. Marriage is a beautiful picture of how the Lord loves us. I am so excited you two get to embark on this journey. My prayers are with you guys:)

p.s Michelle's grandmother made the dress. from scratch. it's unreal. so beautiful!

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these are lovely :)