Well.... we finally are HOMEOWNERS!!!

This has been such a long process for us. We have been looking for homes since June this past summer. We took it slow because we really were not in a rush. We must have seen at least 55 different homes. 

We found one we really like in July/August. We were excited and put an offer on it. We were almost certain we would get the home. Fortunately, the Lord closed the door. We knew God was in control, but we were just confused as to why it didn't work out. 

All I can say is.. .GOD IS GOOD! He knew there was a better house out there for us! One that would fit us perfectly and be in the perfect location for us!

Josh and I moved into this perfect home this past weekend. We closed very quickly and the Lord worked out everything so smoothly. It really was the easiest process. The Lord gave us a better home, more room, and better location for LESS MONEY than the first house! Told you He was good!

We are so excited to start this new chapter of our lives together! I am so humbled by the Lord's grace and how He continues to pour out blessings on us despite how much we DON'T deserve them. He is good.

Although I am excited to have a house of our own, I am sad that we are not going to be around my Mother-in-love more! I have had the best time living with her. I know not that many woman can say that about their MIL's. I am so thankful I have such a great one. She was incredibly generous to us and so helpful this past year and a half living with her. So many night she cooked dinner because she knew how busy I was with school. So many times she bought groceries for us when we didn't have time or she was already going.  She was there everyday to hear my stressful stories from school and give great advice. She opened her home to us and let us live I have so enjoyed getting to know her better over this past year. I am so grateful for her and the relationship I have with her now. Thank you Mom for all you did for us. We are far more thankful than you can imagine. I am going to miss our dinners at home with you and fixing yummy things that Josh won't eat:) We love you so much!

Thank you Lord for new houses and great Mother-in-Loves! 

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