Here are a few images from our NEW home. Only a month late.... however, it looks almost the exact same as the day we moved in. Well, there are a few more paint color swatches on the wall than when we bought it:) 

Tour of our Casa:

 This is our dining room. When you walk in the front door, it is the first room on your left. I love how big the window is and how open it is. Plus, my free table is pretty rockin! Things to do in this room: paint, curtains, decorate, and change fabric on chairs. 

 This is our living room. My favorite thing is how open it is. All of the rooms flow together so nicely. I love my huge windows. Things to do in this room: Paint, decorate, curtains, redo coffee table, figure out what to do above the mantle to cover the whole behind it, and get a bench for the wall on the right. The table will not stay there. One day... add hardwood.

 My favorite thing about the kitchen are the white cabinets and tile. Things to do: paint, decorate, curtains, new sink one day, and tile/brick back-splash.


 Things to do in bedroom: curtains, new bedspread, end tables, decorate. Things to do for the bathroom: paint, add floating shelves above toilet, and frame out the mirror.

Back Hallway (behind kitchen):
 The first door on the right leads to a utlity room that we will turn into a full bathroom. The second door on the right leads upstairs to our big playroom. The last door on the right is our laundry room. I LOVE that it's so separated from the house! The door straight ahead leads out to the garage. This space is going to be painted in stripes I think. It's also going to become my organization space. I'm thinking framed chalkboards for lists, framed cork board for important papers, coat hanger on wall... and much more. Oh the possibilities...
Guest Bathroom:
 Things to do: Paint, Frame Mirror, Decorate, and Shower curtain

There are two bedrooms downstairs besides the master. They are on the other side of the house:
These rooms will both be painted eventually, but there is no rush. The blue room will be Josh's office for now. The yellow room will be our guest bedroom. Oh yeah.. the treadmill was left with the house. AMAZING!

So as you can tell, my work is all cut out for me. My husband is so sweet. Schoolwork has kept me busy this past month so I haven't had as much time as I would like to decorate or pick out paint. At first, this truly bothered me. I felt pressure to be a "good wife" and decorate my home immediately. However, Josh and the Lord quickly showed me that decorating my home is the last thing I need to be worried about. If Josh is okay with me taking my time, then I should be. My first role is wife. I feel there is a stronger need to spend time with him, cook for him, and serve him than decorate my home. My second role is my job. I feel a strong calling to be the absolute best at my job as I possibly can. I'm thankful for a Husband who believes the same. My other second role is to minister to others. There have been many nights we have had people over or served our church instead of spending time decorating. I would not trade one of those nights for anything. Now that we have been here a month and gotten settled in to the new routine, I am finally starting to decorate. My paint colors are pretty much picked out so now I'm getting ready and excited to start painting and decorating. We plan on being in this home for MANY years to come so I'm taking my time and getting my ideas together. 

I can not even begin to explain how the Lord blessed us through this home. He has answered so many prayers and met our needs so perfectly it's humbling.

To God be all the Glory.

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