:::2011 PHOTO RECAP:::

I'm so thankful for the New Year. I love New Years. I get to recap on a wonderful  year and look forward to what the Lord has in store for the upcoming year.

Let's recap 2011 shall we?

Our church launched in January!

 Josh and I continued to live with his mother. We spent many date nights at home cuddled in bed watching movies
 Valentines day. I gave Josh a gift card and he got me LOTS of goodies:)
 It snowed like crazy TWICE! School was cancelled both times and we enjoyed inside picnics:
 Revision had its first women's social!
 I interviewed for the county and local schools and they went well:
 Josh and I often carried on long in-depth conversations during our 35 minute commute each day or took pictures:)
 During Spring Break, we stayed home and went to the zoo and out to lunch:
 Josh surprised me with a very early birthday present:
 I took lots of pictures for practice of various things, sweet babies, and my brother's senior pictures:
 On my last day of student teaching I was in a near fatal accident. My car flipped multiple times. I walked away with bad scratches and bruises. Jesus is good.
 When I had recovered a bit, I went to visit my kids and say good-bye. It was a great year student teaching. I had an awesome mentor teacher, Ms. Hoggard.

A week after my wreck, Josh and I went on our celebratory anniversary cruise: 
 When we got home, we found a new car. Love our Prius.

 Mid/Late June, we went on a roadtrip to Arizona for the Southern Baptist Convention and for some sight seeing. We were able to stay with my Aunt and Uncle. It was an incredible trip. We were so blessed to be able to go.

 The day after we got back, our church had its first baptism service!

We went on a date to celebrate our actual anniversary day, June 20th.

 We knew we would be moving soon, so we took a day to explore the tiny town we had been living in with Josh's mother.

 July 4th weekend, We went to Arkansas to visit Josh's grandparents and to go to one of my best friend's weddings.

When we got home, we got together with friends to celebrate July 4th. 

For my birthday, Josh took me on a sweet little date:

I got a job at Desoto Central Middle. 

In October, we went to Nashville for a quick getaway. 

In October.. I think.. our sweet friends got engaged! Congrats Kelsey & Hunter: 

I then shot a wedding for a couple who goes to our church. It was a small intimate backyard wedding. Literally:
We also bought our first HOME in October!!

We got a sweet little pup named Finn in November: 
 We had an incredible thanksgiving with our families (no pics) and an AWESOME CHRISTMAS:)!! Our church also had its last service in the Rink!

Its been an incredible year. Looking back I've realized how much we have been blessed. Josh and I had so many sweet trips and memories made over this past year. It only makes me that MORE excited for next year!

Let the year of waiting begin.....

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